Monday, April 13, 2015

Burleson County Book

I don't think I ever shared the book I worked on a few months back. I was hired to work on a book for the Burelson County Texas Historical Society. I was responsible for the inside book layout design, placing/editing text, cropping & retouching photos etc. There were a lot of photos in this book and the tricky part was getting the photos to all fit on the same page with each family's corresponding text. The book was nearly 600 pages and took quite a bit of time and all-nighters but I learned so much while working on it. The printing, cover and end pages were done by The Insite Group in Bryan, Texas. This was definitely the biggest project I've worked on but was very rewarding. By the time I was done, I think I'd read almost every page! I learned so much about the history and the different families from that area, plus I learned a lot more about Adobe InDesign. Also a thank you to the Burleson County Historical Society for having an extra book printed for me to keep!

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