Thursday, January 17, 2013

digital sketch

After visiting my friends blog- Casey G, I was inspired to try a different kind of sketch today. Casey is an illustrator and has a lot of other illustrators draw octo-puss in boots and she posts it on her blog. Although I'm not an illustrator myself, I decided to give it a try. This took me a lot longer than I planned since I tried to do it in photoshop and add color using different brushes/settings...all which I have very little experience with. I didn't get the legs or shading quite right but decided I'd worked on it long enough. I'm going to try to do some digital sketches at least once a week so I can get used to the brushes and adding color- hopefully I'll learn a thing or two. Here's my version of octo-puss in boots. You can visit Casey's blog to see different versions of this character and a lot of other great illustrations and sculpey work done by Casey.

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