Monday, October 22, 2012

sculpey snowman

I decided I would try to make sculpey Christmas ornaments again this year. I've had a list of personalized ornament ideas for friends and family but I never find time to make them. It's been almost 2 years since I've even picked up sculpey so this is definitely not my best work but here ya go :)

A bob marley inspired snowman for my little brother and the other was just supposed to be my practice snowman to warm up with but it was inspired by my niece. I didn't spend a lot of time smoothing these out so you can tell there are some areas that still needed some work. I should have waited til the kids were in bed to start work on these because there were several times they were pulling on me or hitting my chair...a shakey hand is not so great when trying to do sculpey!


  1. I love your sculpey! Of course, you already know that. Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. thanks nj and thanks for looking! You know the first time I ever heard of sculpey was when you and casey had it at work that one really I can thank you both for getting me interested in it :)