Friday, August 24, 2012

Hand Lettering

I keep seeing all these posts on Pinterest of hand lettering and how it's starting to be a lost art form. I've been admiring the old school posters created this way and repinning and I finally decided to give it a try myself. So here first attempts at hand lettering. I'll also post some sketches I did last night of my other attempts. There's still much to be desired but I'm happy with my first try so far.  I took a photo of the sketch, emailed it to myself and used the wacom tablet brush set in Illustrator.

This one I started to use the wacom tablet in photoshop - it was a bit awkward to me since I'm used to the brush behavior in Illustrator. I spent maybe 2 minutes tracing over the sketch and decided I'll go back to doing it in Illustrator for now...that way I can always scale it up later if I want. Below is a picture of the sketch and the quick trace I did in ps. I would like to go back to ps at some point because it did seem like it had a lot more options depending on how you tilted the brush.

Here's a few more quick sketches I hope to go back over

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