Friday, July 8, 2011

childrens books

Went to the library today and checked out this book Children Make Terrible Pets along with many others but so far this is the one Sydney has shown the most interest in (beating out the spongebob book wow!) and also happens to be my favorite so far. The book was actually checked out by me and not my daughter. After getting the books she picked out, I went back to the kids section and picked up a few based solely on illustration style. I barely opened the book while i was there and just went by the front cover art but i have to say after getting it home and looking through it several times it has not disappointed! Not only do i love the artwork but the story itself is funny- has a great sense of humor. What wowed me even more is that Peter Brown wrote AND illustrated it which is what i would love to do. He has an awesome art style and I liked how he used cutout construction paper and personally hand wrote all of the dialogue. This has everything i like in a children's book- nice to look at, fun story, fun to read and a connection to the character(s). I plan on purchasing this book for myself and probably the rest of Peter's books along with a few of his prints. This is a great book and I can't wait to have my own copy! Peter if you're reading this (which i doubt you are since I have only a few followers but hey) if you do ever happen to read this i would love to see more books with Lucy the bear. Here is his personal website check it out here