Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

current sculpey project

this is a work in progress and will probably take sometime before i will complete it but here's what i have so far- it's supposed to be stylized and has a ways to go


other than some of the artists i follow through blogger here are some cartoons that inspire me and make me laugh- if you have cable check them out: spongebob, phineas and ferb, mighty b- those are some that i have watched more than my daughter- hers would probably be max and ruby- not bad either. A few weeks ago i started watching kick buttowski and most recently a show called sidekick on cartoon network- i love watching these two because the style they are done it. Plus kick buttowski is funny in the humor they throw in for the other day kick went to the mall and i take notice of all the store names in the background- instead of sharper image- dull image, grizzly express in place of panda express and my favorite was pineapple dicatorship instead of banana republic. I still love to watch the old looney toons and mickey mouse ones the best but good luck finding them on tv. I did happen to see some looney tunes on the guide on cartoon network so i switched over and blasphemy! it was in some new updated style and all the characters voices were nothing like the old ones -i could not bring myself to watch it more than 5 minutes. I guess i will have to order these classics from amazon - hopefully they have them.

tri-fold brochure (not finalized yet)

i designed this to match the general colors of the website which also isn't finalized yet but you can check it out here: .

what what

haven't been blogging much as you can last entry was a year ago I think. In the meantime i've had a baby, become a stay at home/work from home mom and have just been taking care of the little ones and doing artwork when i can. I've done a few postcards, a tri-fold brochure and little things here and there which i'll upload soon...but for meow i'll just post this quick little doodle i did on a spare piece of cardboard that came with my daughter's happy meal toy :)